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Arney - Drums

Born and raised in Brunswick, Maryland. Arney began playing drums at age seven with private lessons every summer for three years. Arney played in the orchestra, musicals, and the jazz band up until the eleventh grade. He marched a lot of miles in the marching band and at fifteen years old joined his first rock band, "Obsidian".

Arney has played drums since 1936 and is influenced by about every heavy band ever. Arney has always been a metal fan and loves bands like Led Zeppelin and Dream Theater. He has recently begun enjoying punk as well (you should have seen him at the Ataris show!). Still his metal upbringing shows when he rocks the double-bass in songs like Not Dead Yet and Not You.

It's not rare to find Arney chillin with his Wife and son, talking about Jesus or some concert he went to.

Arney retired from Flexible Head in December 2003. He's still playing with his church band and raising two kids. We wish him well.