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Dan - Guitar

Update 11/29/05:

Dan is the music director and worship leader at his church now. "I guess 'leading' Flexible Head for several years left me with some usable skills for God."


Dan started playing on an acoustic guitar with a microphone taped to it and plugged into his stereo. The first time he picked up the guitar he wrote his first song "I like Beer", and has always enjoyed writing almost as much as playing. He quickly found the guitar to be a great channel for all the messed up feelings he had and has written passionate guitar songs ever since. He went on to play in several bands from Death Metal to Alternative Covers, but after finding other musicians a pain to deal with, he stopped playing for several years.

Then in 2000 he came to the grim conclusion that he had to start another band. Dan currently shares songwriting and management duties with Jeff. He hopes to one day be a professional musician and involved in different areas of the music industry.

Dan's songwriting and guitar sound clearly shows diverse influences from 80's punk like Pistols, Ramones, Black flag and The Misfits, metal like Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden, 90's alternative like Pumpkins, Bad Religion, Nirvana and Foos to more recent punk bands like Lucky7, MxPx, Greenday, Riddlin Kids, Rufio, Bouncing Souls, Strike Anywhere, AFI and so on.

His current favorite CDs are The Used, Bouncing Souls "summer vacation", GC's "Young and Hopeless", AFI's "Sing the Sorrow" and an old Misfits mix.

Dan currently plays a Jackson Dinky Reverse Head Guitar & a Shecter Diamond 006 through a Marshall JCM800, ADA MP-2 and ART SGX.