:.......: FLEXIBLE HEAD :.......:
Jeff - Vocals and stunts

If it's honest, then it's cool! England, New York, L.A., Belgium, Germany, Finland, Baltimore - tons o' great punk over the years. Luv' em all! But it don't stop there. 50's Rock 'N' Roll, 60's girl groups, pub rock, surf, garage, glam, glitter, power pop, britpop, shoegazer - you name it. Raw, Real = Rocks. The poseurs can pogo in traffic!

Slightly borrowed from Shock Nagasaki...hope they don't mind...check 'em out...you need to!

Oh yeah, and Ned's Atomic Dustbin...long live the Ned's!

The frontmen that inspired Jeff and made him want to do the same...as mentioned above: Jonn Penney, David Lee Roth, Michael Hutchence, Tim Armstrong, Ian McCulloch, Tim Quirk, David Bowie, Iggy Pop & Bret Michaels.

And, here is a bit of trivia for you...Jeff got the name of the band from a song by Ned's Atomic Dustbin (who got the name of their band from an episode of the British radio show - The Good Show). In fact, years after first using Flexible Head, Jeff had a conversation with Jonn of Ned's regarding the name...here's how it went...

Jeff: "Hey Jonn, hypothetically, let's say someone was so inspired by thee Ned's that he decided to use one of your song titles as a name for a band...hypothetically, of course?"

Jonn: "Oh Jeff, you're Flexible Head...I've been to your website...no problem...absolutely...I'm humbled...I'm humbled."

Jeff: "Rock on! I'll send you some Flexible Head T-shirts and sweater vests."

...and so I did!

...and here's a pic from the night of that conversation (Dec 16, 2004 at The Garage in London).