:.......: FLEXIBLE HEAD :.......:
Kerry Hamm - Bass


As Kerry will never tire of telling anyone who will listen, "JUST LIKE THE SEX PISTOLS AND THE CLASH" he formed his first punk band after a near religious experience at a Ramones concert. He played in bands in the mid-west and southwest before drifting overseas.

He spent many years abroad, living in tents and caves and studying the most obscure languages known to man. After a decade of this, he returned to his senses and the United States.

He knocked around some cover bands in Baltimore but couldn't find the right fit. After searching the internet for a "punk/pop-punk, partly metal-like alternative/modern rock band with punk, metal and alt-pop influences" he stumbled upon Flexible Head. He email-ed Dan and after correctly answering in the negative to Dan's first question, "Are you wanted for anything in Maryland?" he was asked to come and jam. He thought the band was great but to his dismay he found that he had one more obscure language to learn, "Dan-ese" which includes such homespun colloquialisms as "chunky bridge" "speedy break" and "moshy interlude." When Kerry is not playing bass with Flexible Head he can be found munching raw chile peppers and reading Tom Robbins' novels.