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Larry - Bass

Actually, this is the Larry Archive.

Larry left FH in February of 2003 to have a son.

Larry claims he was born and raised in New Orleans and was widely influenced by the local music and culture. His true origins are unknown and scientists speculate he's the illegitimate offspring of Uncle Fester and Chelsea Clinton.

Larry started playing bass several years ago but the real story goes way before that. Sadly, In a horrible swamp accident, 11 alligators destroyed all records of Larry's youth, he barely survived, fending them off with the sax he played at the time.
He's always listened to all types of music from classical to punk and most in between, jazz being one his favorites. His love for music and his natural drive helped him to learn the bass pretty quickly. His favorite bass players are Geddy Lee, Vic Wooten, Jaco, and Flea. These influences mix nicely with his old school history of DRI and Black Flag.
He met Flexible Head by responding to and Internet ad for a bass player. After the first audition he told Dan, "I couldn't believe it, you guys were actually really good"

Larry plays both Fender Jazz and Ibanez SG basses, using an SWR Redhead.

Flexible Head would like to send props to Larry for his great effort while he was with us. We definitely enjoyed playing together.

We hear he's doing great raising his new son.

We'll miss you Larry!