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Songs covered by Flexible Head

Let me start this section by reminding you that Flexible Head creates our own music. We are an original's band.

With that said, we do enjoy thowing in some cover songs by bands that influenced the guys in Flexible Head.

So, here you go, a list of songs that we have covered at one time or another...some many, many times and others not so many times.

- Roots Radical
(This was our closing song for quite some time)

Skid Row
- I Remember You
(This was our closing song for quite some time, too, but we did a punk version of this classic metal ballad…a crowd favorite.)

Ming Tea (The Austin Power’s Band with Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs)
(This was our soundcheck song and we frequently tossed it into our set)

The Clash
Police on My Back

New Edition
- Mr. Telephone Man
(We played this quite a bit…usually threw the crowd off…they had no idea what we were playing…except an occasional musical elitist – like ourselves - who would stop by after our set and thank us for playing it!)

Green Day
- When I Come Around
- Basketcase
- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Blink 182
- Dammit
- Small Things
- First Date

The Ramones
- Blitzkrieg Bop
- I Wanna Be Sedated

Good Charlotte
- Festival Song
(Electric & Acoustic - just Dan & Jeff)

Bouncing Souls
- True Believers
- Hopeless Romantic

Lynyrd Skynyrd
- Sweet Home Alabama (we work this in during Country Punk Rock Girl)

The Misfits
- Turned into a Martian

- The Real Slim Shady

Operation Ivy
- Knowledge

Veruca Salt
- Volcano Girls

Social Distortion
- Bad Luck

Too Much Joy
- Crush Story

Tommy James and the Shondells
- I Think We’re Alone Now (you may remember the Tiffany version)

- Smells Like Teen Spirit
- Rape Me

Smashing Pumpkins
- Today
- Bullet with Butterfly Wings

- Hey Yah (Jeff worked this in during Flexible Head Theme Song)