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News / Updates

1/15/08 - Lots of Jeff gigs to add, haven't had the time...soon.

10/12/07 - Pics from Jeff's gigs in Rochester, NY.

10/4/07 - Jeff has a gig on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11...pics coming soon.

9/18/07 - Jeff's new band gig pics from this past Sat night, Sept 15, 2007 at University of Rochester. Thanks to Nichole for taking the pics!

9/12/07 - Jeff's new band has a late notice, impromptu gig for a small party at University of Rochester this Saturday night (9/15/07). This is the first live gig with all four members.

5/21/07 - Jeff's new band has a gig on Sat, June 2 in Rochester...only cover songs since the new band hasn't had time to write new stuff yet...but the cover setlist will not be a typcial setlist...indie/alt/punk fans will find it inspiring! Pics and setlist will be posted.

5/18/07 - FH was just offered a gig at a benefit show in one of our old stomping grounds, Naptown (Annapolis, MD). However, due to the band having spread itself across the cournty, FH will be unable to perform. With that said, If a gig is presented to us in the future that allows ample rehearsal time and allows Jeff and Dan to coordinate their schedules, FH will be happy to perform a one-off.

5/16/07 - Jeff has finally settled on a lineup for his new in Rochester, NY. The band will be writing songs and rehearsing throughout the summer and hope to play out in early fall 07. We'll keep you updated here.

3/14/07 - More of Jeff's gigs and pics. Special thanks to Dave McGrath for letting him sit in with him at Overtime Grille in Greece, NY (Rochester area). Definitely check him out if you're ever in upstate NY...he is a phenomonal singer/guitarist...and he plays out 5 nights a week all over Rochester.

3/5/07 - Jeff started a new band up in Rochester, NY. The plan is to put together 15-20 cover songs in order to establish themselves through gigs, then add originals. Here are some pics from one of their first gigs together in Canandaigua, NY at a place called The Lumberyard (nope, it's not a gay bar). Hey, check out the T-shirt Jeff is wearing...look familiar? Special thanks to Rob and Ghost Hand for letting us sit in with them at The Lumberyard.

Jeff updates will be kept on the FH site until a new site is created for his new band...but the FH site will continue to be maintained, as well.

1/1/07 - Good stuff Jeff is listening to these days...Bombshell Rocks, Left Alone, Time Again, Rancid/OpIvy (still, and always), Shock Nagasaki, The Loved Ones, New Bomb Turks and many more kick-ass bands.

12/1/06 - Interestingly, there is some big news for the band. We have been told that our logo T-Shirt will be appearing in the soon-to-be-released Ned's Atomic Dustbin DVD (the band's 2nd DVD). The videographer/interviewer, Carl Beebee , will be wearing our Tee during the interview of the band in the DVD's extra section.

Also, Left Alone asked FH for a song to include in a soon-to-be-released compilation CD by their label, Smelvis Records.

7/12/06 - we MAY be playing a reunion gig in late August '06 with Left Alone in Baltimore. Details to follow if this becomes reality. Lineup will include Jeff & Dan, Mark Butler on bass and possibly Arney on drums (if not, Mark's drummer Larry will fill in). UPDATE - DIDN'T HAPPEN (Ottobar booking dropped the ball on this one).

7/10/06 - Jeff's going back to Buffalo on Thurday to see The Loved Ones again.

4/28/06 - Jeff is currently fronting a band that plays a couple times a month around Rochester. The band is getting ready to work on more punk influenced originals. More details to follow shortly.

4/13/06 - Jeff is loving the new ink he got at Amazing Grace Tattoos in upstate NY.

4/11/06 - Jeff checked out The Loved Ones in Buffalo. These guys kick ass...go see them when you get a chance.

12/1/05 - Jeff moved to the Rochester area in western, upstate NY to open a bar...screw corporate life...Erickson sucks...I'll call many out by name in a future song, you freakin' morons...so stay tuned!

11/29/05 Updated Jeff and Dan bios.

11/5/05 Added a list of songs that Flexible Head has covered.

11/3/05 Lots of news and not much of it is good. I'll fill you in shortly.

11/2/05 By the way, as you can see, Jeff overhauled the website.

11/1/05 A special "Kerry tribute page" will be up shortly.

5/29/05 Sadly, our bass player Kerry passed away. We send our prayers to his wife, kids and family.

12/15/04 - 12/20/04 Jeff trip to UK to see Ned's Atomic Dustbin shows in London, Sheffield and Glasgow. The name Flexible Head came from a Ned's song with the same name. First Ned's shows for Jeff in over ten years.

9/3/04 Dan finally updates the website! Seriously, we went through the "Andy on Drums" phase and did a few shows and it was pretty cool. Now we're training up a new drummer and getting down with Kerry on Bass. We're written a few new ones and a throwin it together as fast as we can.

8/26/04 Kerry threatens Dan with physical harm for not updating the website.

2/20/04 The mighty Arney retires - stay tuned for new drummer info

2/20/04 Great show at My Brother's Place!

1/6/04 New song - Bootleg copy of "Ever" available now

12/17/03 New show: Feb 20 @ My Brother's place. With Flashbasket & Full Minute of Mercury.

12/5/03 FH partners with Odd Lot Music for show bookings, merch distro and much fun.

11/22/03 Some pics are coming in from the MBP show - check the fans section.

10/11/03 Great show last night at MBP - many props to give out. Flash Basket was great, the fans were great - the whole night was great. Head count was 203! and we sold every FH t-shirt we had - even the ones we were wearing.

9/25/03 Back from vacations, Ryan's gone - look for Jim G on Bass

9/12/03 Personal Vacations coming to an end - watch for new fall schedule!

7/17/03 Thanks to My Brother's Place, and NickelH/CC for the battle o' bands opp. Props to Paul the sound guy and Chris the promoter. We almost didn't make it cause of traffic. We didn't win but it's amazing we even played at all. Props to Missing Gef for the win...and a great show.

7/11/03 Brass Monkey again, and another great performance. Life Goes on Threw down a nice set too. Fourth show with Ryan, we think he's a keeper.

7/10/03 Grange Hall is always a good show. Props to Croften layer, New Jersey and all the crazy kids oh yeah, props to Kelli too. Dan broke a string at the beginning of the first song and played the whole set on the backup guitar - but FH still rocked as usual!

7/4/03 July 4 @ Baker Park. Not many fans, I guess they all melted on the way there. Great set though, thanks to Key 103.

6/13/03 First Show with Ryan at Brass Monkey - Great show - Brat sure is fun to watch.

6/5/03 - New Bass player Ryan Smyth, stay tuned for details.

5/20/03 - CDs are available online now in the merch section

5/12/03 - Again, Dan at 9:30 slapping the fine people with flyers and stickers. Afi & The Explosion - what can be said? Best show of the year.

5/10/03 - The CD's are finally done, the first stack is ready to go. There's no name for it so it's just "The Flexible Head 4 song EP". They'll be online as soon as payment/shipping details are worked out.

5/4/03 - Get your free FH sticker at the GC/NFG show? Was it still a punk show if the crowd had more sets of braces than piercings?

4/29/03 - Did you see Dan at 9:30 passing out flyers and stickers? Props to everyone who came through with info and Mad props to Kevin, who when handed a flyer, gave Dan a ticket for the show! Props to FSF & The Ataris for great shows.

4/25/03 - Another long night down at Cue Recording with Doug but we think it's done! After printing and duplication, they'll be available online.

2/24/03 - We missed the Riddlin Kids / Home Grown show at 9:30. Cause we were at Omega Studio in Rockville laying down "Be the One". We should have an EP by spring for sure.

2/3/03 - Great show on Friday at Hal's. We threw down a great set followed by some nice eclectic sounds from 44 Lbs and some great old school "Misfits meets Megadeth" from The Schismatics! Thanks to Hal, Jack, Jessie and everyone who came out!

1/13/03 - Did you see Jeff at Piezanno's for the Gold Mind Squad show - rumor is he gave out tons of free stuff.

12/29/02 - If you missed this show at the Grange, there's no way we can explain it to you. This show had everything - blown circuit breaker, flaky PA, burning underwear and several near fights, not to mention tons of great bands! - a true punk show. Don't miss the next one!

12/20/02 - Another great show, Wyatt's was Packed!! Props to Donnie from Missing Gef for pulling off a nice set without his band! Thanks to FF:20 for the hookup and the Pennywise cover!

12/15/02 - Great show last night at the Brass Monkey - thanks to two of the Bands for showing up - we got to take our time setting up and play for way long. Thanks to the Brass Monkey, Artistic Promotions and KB Drive for being the only other band to show up. Props to Matt Elias from Blue Room 808 for a great job on Sound

11/25/02 - Dan and Arney were at 9:30 for Ataris, Rufio, and Autopilot - were you? Did you get a flyer?

11/12/02 - Did you see the Flexible Head guys at 9:30 yesterday passing out free stuff before the Riddlin Kids show? Props to Don't look down and Clint from RK.

11/10/02 - Did you see Dan from Flexible Head passing out flyers and free stuff at the Good Charlotte show at UMBC?

11/4/02 - Thanks to Fletcher's, CMT Productions and everyone who came to support us at the Battle of the Bands. Congratulations to Nick Dastardly, winner and semi-finalist.

10/27/02 - Cafe Tattoo show is cancelled - contact us for a refund.

10/26/02 - Halloween party was way fun - Thanks to Eric and everyone involved. see the pics

10/21/02 - The new songs are online now! Free Download Here

10/19/02 - Flexible Head goes back to Cue Recording to mixdown "Existential girlfriend" and "Matthew's song". Again Miracle man Doug comes through - Doug'll fix it!

10/13/02 - Flexible Head visits Cue Recording and lays down master tracks for "Existential girlfriend" and "Matthew's song". Props to Doug Johnston for miraculous engineering. See the pics.

10-5-02 - Did you see Jeff from Flexible Head passing out stickers and free stuff at the Missing Gef show? Props to MG for another great performance.

10/1/02 - Did you see the Flexible Head guys at the Good Charlotte CD release party handing out stickers? Word is, the GC guys got stickers too.

9/29/02 - Back to The Vault - wow! - great sound, great fans - we brought our "A game" tonight - if you're just reading this, you've got to stop missing the show. See the Pics.

9/26/02 - Hal Daddy's! What can we say about that show - public nudity, surprise birthday, the fans were great, Corndogg was sick, Missing Geff rocked - best show yet. Live sound & video coming soon.

9/17/02 - The new Flexible Head stickers just arrived. Get yours here!

9/5/02 - We seriously tore up The Vault! - Flexible head thanks everyone of you who came to support us and we hope you had fun like we did. If you weren't there, you missed a great show.

9/5/02 - New show announced: September 26 at Hal Daddy's!

9/3/02 - Rocked Michael's pub big time! The crowd wasn't expecting us and we stomped 'em! See pics here.

9/3/02 - The MP3.com site goes live!

8/30/02 - The single "Country Punk rock girl" has been downloaded 82 times! Thanks for checking us out - I hope you like it.

8/26/02 - The Banners are done! - Come to one of our shows to see the new banners!

8/20/02 - Added and updated the new links section.

8/13/02 - The first single "Country PUnk rock girl" is online! Check the music section for free download

8/12/02 - Looks like Larry the Bass player is a go!

8/8/02 - Had a great time at Warped! Met some cool people, saw some cool bands.

8/5/02 - Had a great audition from Bass player Larry

7/24/02 - Had a great time at Michaels Pub - we played 4 of our songs and ripped a cover of BBC - we went over pretty well but I think "not dead yet" scared some people. Mass props to Jim-O for a great job on Bass! pics

7/23/02 - We had a great bass audition - JimV did a nice job - looks like he'll at least play for us part-time. We also scored an open mic slot at Michael's pub for 7/24. - Jim-O will be on Bass.

7/18/02 - We went to the studio with "Country PUnk Rock Girl" - thanks to Omega Studios for the hookup! See the Pics here